The Chair occasionnally produces short videos to present its research and/or activities. All of the Chair’s videos are available on its YouTube channel.


Cross-country Comparison of the Education Gradient in Disease Incidence

The Chair offers a video in which Chair holder Raquel Fonseca discusses her analyses of the health-education gradient in the 2000s among older adults in 6 OECD countries. These are the basis of working paper 18-01:


Discrimination of Persons with Physical Disabilities in the Québec Labor Market

The Chair offers a video in which professor-researcher Charles Bellemare discusses his analyses on the discrimination of persons with physical disabilities in the Québec labor market. These are the basis of working paper 17-03:


Risk awareness and demand for long-term care insurance

The Chair offers a video in which Pierre-Carl Michaud, Chair co-holder, discusses his analyses of the knowledge of long-term care insurance by residents of Québec and Ontario and purchase intentions. These are the basis of working paper 17-01:


Employment Integration of Highly Skilled Immigrants and Hiring Discrimination in Québec

In this video, Guy Lacroix, Chair co-holder, talks about his analyses on these topics in the Québec context, based on two Chair working papers:


Retirement and Cognitive Functioning

In this video, Raquel Fonseca, Chair co-holder, talks about her work on the effects of retirement on cognitive functioning.


Reform of the Québec Pension Plan

In this series of videos, Pierre-Carl Michaud, Chair co-holder, discusses Québec Pension Plan reform alternatives, illustrated by an interactive graph and on which the Chair had created a working paper, which will be updated with a forthcoming scientific paper.

In this first video, the reasoning behind the Chair's analysis is looked at.

In this second video, the results of the Chair's analysis are presented.

In this third video, we get an overview of the details of the simulations created by the Chair.


Chair introductory video

In this introductory video, the co-chair holders explain the mandate and relevance of the Industrial Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Change.


Future Well-Being of the Elderly (December 2016 Conference)

The conference's presentations (slides, articles and video recordings) are available here.


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