Presentations in 2017

The Demand for Long-Term Care Insurance in Canada: Risk Perception and Knowledge
Presentation by Pierre-Carl Michaud at the annual meeting of the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA), Toronto, 8 August 2017

Analyse des choix REER-CELI selon les parcours de revenus des Canadiens
Presentation by Steeve Marchand at the Longitudinal administrative data workshop: The Longitudinal Administrative Databank (LAD) and the Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB), Montréal, 20 June 2017

The Demand for Long-term Care Insurance: Evidence from Canada
Seminar by Pierre-Carl Michaud at KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business, Belgium, 6 June 2017

Les aînés et le marché du travail dans le Québec de demain
Presentation by Denis Latulippe at the Aging and Living Together forum, Québec, 2 June 2017

Addressing the Needs of Youth
Chair co-holder Pierre-Carl Michaud participated in the “Panel discussion on policy research to improve financial education outcomes” that took place on May 24th at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris, as part of the 4th OECD/GFLEC global policy research symposium to advance financial literacy: Addressing the needs of youth

Nursing Home Choice, Family Bargaining and Optimal Policy in a Hotelling Model
Presentation by Marie-Louise Leroux and G. Ponthière at the 57nd SCSE conference, Ottawa, 11 May 2017

Projections des taux de faible revenu chez les ainés québécois à l’horizon 2050
Presentation by Laure Sébrier at the 85th annual congress of the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas), Montréal, 10 May 2017

The Demand for Long-Term Care Insurance in Canada
Presentation by Pierre-Carl Michaud at the conférence FINANCING LONGEVITY: The Economics of Pensions, Health, Long-term Care and Disability Insurance, Stanford, CA, 24 April 2017

Account before the Senate regarding Aging Population
Account by Pierre-Carl Michaud before the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance, Ottawa, 11 April 2017
Report of the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance


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