Workshop on the Macroeconomic Dimensions of Aging, October 2017

In collaboration with the CIRANO, the Chair organized in Montréal on October 27, 2017, a workshop entitled Facing Demographic Change in a Challenging Economic Environment. The event brought together speakers from North America and overseas, invited by professors Hafedh Bouakez (HEC Montréal), Raquel Fonseca (ESG UQAM) and Kevin Moran (Université Laval), as well as about 40 other participants coming mainly from universities and government.

Longitudinal administrative data workshop

In collaboration with the QICSS, the CRDCN and the Canada Research Chair in Social Statistics and Family Change, the Chair co-organized an event entitled "Longitudinal administrative data workshop: the Longitudinal Administrative Databank (LAD) and the Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB)". The workshop was held at Université de Montréal's Research Data Centre on June 20, 2016.

Conference: "Future Well-Being of the Elderly"

In collaboration with the QICSS and the CIRANO, the Chair organized a conference on the "Future Well-Being of the Elderly", as part of the QICSS International Conferences series. The conference took place at HEC Montréal on December 5 and 6, 2016. Video recordings of the presentations as well as most papers and slides are now available online.

SCSE 2016 Conference

The Chair's team took an active part in the 56th conference of the Société canadienne de science économique (SCSE), which took place in Quebec City. Several team members chaired sessions or made presentations, and the Chair organized on May 12 a special session that included 3 presentations:

The Concentration of Hospital-Based Medical Spending: Evidence from Canada
Presentation by Damien Échevin

Dynamic Effects of post-immigration training on trajectory of hourly wages: Bayesian approach vs Sequential Conditional Independence Assumptions approach
Presentation by Marie-Albertine Djuikom Tamtchouong 

Do clinical guidelines affect healthcare quality and populational health: Quebec colorectal cancer screening program
Presentation by Nizar Ghali

Impact of hospital financing on Patient Outcomes: Evidence from Surgery in Quebec
Presentation by Kossi Thomas Golo

Acfas 2016 Colloquium

As part of the 84th Acfas conference, the Chair held a colloquium (in French only) on Demography and the workforce, in collaboration with the QICSS and the Association des démographes du Québec. Several researchers with ties to the Chair presented their work.

Analyse du faible revenu chez les aînés au Québec à l’aide de l’Enquête nationale auprès des ménages de 2011
Presentation by Laure Sébrier

Effet causal de la formation post-migratoire sur les trajectoires sur le marché du travail
Presentation by Marie-Albertine Djuikom Tamtchouong

Changements démographiques au Québec : vers une décroissance de l’emploi d’ici 2050 ?
Presentation by Luc Bissonnette

Les perspectives budgétaires du Québec : une approche par microsimulation
Presentation by Nicholas-James Clavet

Workshop on Long-Term Care, April 2016

In collaboration with the CIRPÉE and the CIRANO and in the latter’s offices in Montréal, the Chair held a workshop on The Design and Evaluation of Long-Term Care Policy on April 28-29, 2016. The event brought together 11 presenters from Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Effects of LTC Subsidization on Informal Care and Transfers
Presentation by Joan Costa Font, London School of Economics

The Unintended Consequences of Caregiving: The Effect of Informal Care on Cognitive Functioning of Older Parents
Presentation by Eric Bonsang, LISER, Luxembourg

Social Long-Term Care Insurance with Competitive Insurance Markets and Risk Misperception
Presentation by Kerstin Roeder, Augsburg University

Do Hospital-Owned Skilled Nursing Facilities Provide Better Post-Acute Care Quality?
Presentation by Edward Norton, University of Michigan

Costs and Benefits of In-Kind Transfers: The Case of Medicaid Home Care Benefits [paper]
Presentation by Lee Lockwood, Northwestern University

Evaluating LTC Policies, Taking the Family Seriously [paper]
Presentation by Daniel Barczyk, McGill University

Family Spillovers of Long-Term Care Insurance
Presentation by Courtney Van Houtven, Duke University

Uncertain Altruism and the Design of Optimal LTC Insurance
Presentation by Chiara Canta, Norwegian School of Economics

Long-Term Care and Births Timing [paper]
Presentation by Gregory Ponthiere, Universite Paris Est (ERUDITE), Paris School of Economics and Institut Universitaire de France

Long-Term Care Social Insurance. How to Avoid Big Losses?
Presentation by Pierre Pestieau, Université de Liège and CORE

Late-in-Life Risks and the Under-Insurance Puzzle [paper]
Presentation by Joseph Briggs, New York University

Policy Symposium on Aging

In collaboration with the CIRANO and the Chair, the School of Public Policy of the University of Calgary organized in Ottawa a symposium titled Living Healthy in Old Age: Dreams, Realities and Consequences on April 19, 2016.

Workshop on Savings and Retirement, November 2015

In collaboration with the CIRANO and in the latter’s offices in Montréal, the Chair held a workshop on November 13, 2015 on The Evaluation and Design of Retirement and Savings Programs. The event brought together nearly 30 attendees, including representatives from public organizations, graduate students and 7 presenters from Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Excess Early Retirement? Evidence from the Norwegian 2011 Pension Reform
Presentation by Ola Lotherington Vestad, Statistics Norway

The Impact of Early Retirement on Mortality: Evidence from the U.S.
Presentation by Maria Fitzpatrick, Cornell University

Financial Incentives and Earnings of Disability Insurance Recipients: Evidence from a Notch Design
Presentation by Stefan Staubli, University of Calgary

Does Delay Cause Decay? The Effect of Administrative Decision Time on the Labor Force Participation and Earnings of Disability Applicants [paper]
Presentation by Nicole Maestas, Harvard University

The Role of Time Preferences and Exponential-Growth Bias in Retirement Savings [paper]
Presentation by Colleen Nicole Flaherty Manchester, University of Minnesota

Cognitive Constraints on Valuing Annuities [paper]
Presentation by Erzo F.P. Luttmer, Dartmouth College

Retirement and Savings in Europe and the U.S.
Presentation by Jochem de Bresser, University of Groningen

CEA 2015 Conference

On May 30, the Chair organized a special session on retirement at the 2015 conference of the Canadian Economics Association, which took place at Ryerson University. The session included 3 presentations:

An economic analysis of proposals to improve coverage of longevity risk
Presentation by Jean-Yves Duclos

Health Capacity to Work at Older Ages: Evidence from Canada
Presentation by Tammy Schirle

Understanding Joint Retirement
Presentation by Luc Bissonnette

SCSE 2015 Conference

The Chair's team took an active part in the 55th conference of the Société canadienne de science économique (SCSE), which took place at ESG UQAM. Several team members chaired sessions or made presentations, and the Chair organized on May 14 a special session that included 3 presentations:

Risques financiers liés aux soins de longue durée au Québec
Presentation by Pierre-Carl Michaud

Wish Me Good Health: Consumption and Health in Old Age
Presentation by Ismaël Choinière-Crèvecoeur

The political economy of (in)formal long term care transfers
Presentation by Marie-Louise Leroux

Workshop on microsimulation and health

On March 26, 2015, the Chair held a workshop on microsimulation and health. The half-day event took place at Université Laval and brought together the Chair’s team and approximately fifty participants, half of which were from various Quebec government agencies. The session’s objective - which was to exchange on the participants’ and the Chair’s work on the topic and on the participants’ interest in the latter - has been largely reached. The program and the 4 presentations are now available (in French only).

Launch of the Industrial Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Change

The Industrial Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Change was launched on September 10, 2014 at Université Laval. Those present included Université Laval’s rector, Denis Brière; UQAM’s rector, Robert Proulx; representatives from the Chair’s partners; and the deans of ESG UQAM and the Faculté des sciences sociales.

Several representatives of the media were also present. Photos of the event are available here.

CIRPÉE’s "grande conférence": "Managing post-retirement risks: looming challenges"

CIRPÉE’s 2014 "grande conférence" was held jointly with the Industrial Alliance Research Chair on the Economics of Demographic Change and the CIRANO, under the theme "Managing post-retirement risks: looming challenges". The conference took place on September 3, 2014 at Université Laval.

The program may be accessed here. It includes links to the presentations’ slides (on the CIRPÉE’s website).


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