COMPAS: Un modèle de microsimulation santé pour le Québec

Short summary: 

This report describes the design and structure of COMPAS, a dynamic microsimulation model that projects the evolution of health status (including mortality) of a representative sample of Quebecers throughout their life cycle and the associated use of medical resources in connection with this health status. The model can be used to analyze a single cohort over time, or the entire population as it evolves with new entrants. The use of COMPAS predicts for instance that the prevalence of hypertension in 2050 will be about 21% for those aged 70-74 years and that individuals aged 30 years in 2050 will live, on average, 3.3 years longer than individuals aged 30 years in 2010.

Publication Authors: 
David Boisclair
Aurélie Côté-Sergent
Jean-Yves Duclos
Alexandre Lekina
Steeve Marchand
Pierre-Carl Michaud


Industrielle Alliance, Groupe financier

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