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The Chair offers scholarships for master’s and doctoral students in Economics at ESG UQAM, HEC Montréal and Université Laval, and to other master’s and doctoral students whose research is supervised by a professor-researcher of the Chair. The annual scholarships amount to a maximum of $8,000 at the master’s level and $12,000 at the doctoral level. Details are available here (in French only).

Scholarship Recipients

  • Suhail Amiri (master’s, HEC)
  • Nicolas Bédard (master’s, HEC)
  • Marie-Pier Bernard (master’s, UL)
  • Sébastien Box-Couillard (master’s, HEC)
  • Jean-Félix Brouillette (master’s, HEC)
  • Ariane Campeau (master’s, UQAM)
  • Ismaël Choinière-Crèvecoeur (doctorate, UQAM)
  • Nicholas-James Clavet (doctorate, UL)
  • Aurélie Côté-Sergent (master’s, UQAM)
  • Simon Dagenais (master’s, HEC)
  • Finagnon Antoine Dedewanou (doctorate, UL)
  • Marie-Albertine Djuikom Tamtchouong (doctorate, UL)
  • Nizar El Ghali (doctorate, UL)
  • Stéphanie Fagnant (master’s, UQAM)
  • Bodel Aymele Gnintedem (doctorate, UL)
  • Kossi Thomas Golo (doctorate, UL)
  • Étienne Grenier (master’s, HEC)
  • Philippe Jacques (master’s, UQAM)
  • Maxime Juckenack-Mellinger (master’s, HEC)
  • Annabelle Lamy (master’s, UQAM)
  • Steeve Marchand (doctorate, UL)
  • Jasmine Pageau (master’s, UL)
  • Samuel Paré (master’s, UQAM)
  • Mathieu Pellerin (master’s, UL)
  • Guillaume Poulin-Bellisle (master’s, HEC)
  • Laure Sébrier (master’s, UL)


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